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NetWatch is a program that keeps IT staff informed about their network infrastructure - wherever they are! Designed for Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, UNIX and a range of Internet services such as web servers, NetWatch 2 monitors them all - logging important data, plotting trends and generating alerts when problems occur. NetWatch users can remotely monitor their systems without the need for special agents. Using the NetWatch Web interface, monitoring and alert data - and even automatically updating trend graphs - are available from any browser. Users can log and plot key data such as web page or email server performance, server memory, disk or network indicators - or the 'Tell me When' feature can be used to automatically generate alerts by pager, email and more. The Alert Log tracks all problems identified - and when they are cleared. Users can also choose a ?centralised console? approach and view one window of alerts from all NetWatch installations on their network. Storage information is collated into one handy constantly-update and color-coded list, giving a network-wide view of disk space in one place.

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